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Therapy for individuals, couples, and families &

IFS consultation

Every person has goodness in their core, where qualities like strength, compassion, creativity, and freedom are untainted and unharmed.


Even the most destructive symptoms, or parts of you that are most severely judged, hold some form of redeemable quality or positive intention. As we get to know and understand the symptoms causing you concern or harm, I anticipate that you'll find an increased presence of these positive qualities and a greater ability to move forward in your life in the ways you truly desire. 

As a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist, therapy with me is both systemically informed and experiential in nature. I'm trained in guiding you through the therapeutic process, and supporting you in gaining a greater sense of control over your feelings and choice in your actions. 



One on one support for healing, and finding new ways of living


Finding more effective ways to communicate and connect, or clarity on your next-steps


Supporting the ever-shifting dynamics between parents and their adolescent children

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