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Many people seek therapy for individual work. This is a needed (and often overlooked component) of one's health, as it uniquely offers you the space to explore, express, and heal aspects of yourself in an environment free of judgement - where the sole focus is on you. In this mode of treatment we'll work towards identifying and healing whatever may be keeping you stuck or hurting.


Whether you're dating, engaged, married, or co-parenting, couples therapy is geared toward shifting a stuck and unhelpful dynamic towards one that is functional and works for both parties. While this may include some individually-focused work at times, the overarching focus is on healing the relationship dynamic or finding a more sustainable way to relate to one another. 


While individuals may find themselves stuck in their relationship with themselves and with others, much of this "stuckness" begins in the family system. If you and your family are finding yourselves stuck in dynamics that don't seem to be working, or are struggling to adjust family life to meet the needs of a new season, this may be a good step. 


As an approved IFS Clinical Consultant I'm eager to support those wanting to learn more about this model of healing. Whether you're wanting to learn the basics or are looking to sort out the nuances of the theory, please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss our options.


  • Repetitive and unresolved conflict

  • Anger that feels stuck to too big to explore on your own

  • Feelings of detachment, or being "stuck in your head"

  • Generalized stress or anxiety that seems to permeate many areas of life

  • Compulsive behaviors related to food, substances, self-harm, and sexuality

  • Unfulfilling relationships

  • The effects of trauma (from acute to generational) or difficult life experiences 

  • Pain associated with spiritual abuse or betrayal

  • Adoption or foster care related issues

  • Racial biases

  • General dissatisfaction with life

  • Grief, loss, and depression

  • Infidelity

  • Identity questions

If you live outside the San Diego area and are interested in therapeutic services, please feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to discuss telehealth options. 

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